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Range Project Group Intl

Training | Assessment | Survey


We draw on our own expertise as well as our network of trained specialists to rigorously test your equipment and report on targeted outcomes.


Threat & Risk Assessment paired with Social Engineering for Contingency Mitigation brings the ultimate level of preparedness to your oganization or team.


Introduction Course for you and your family covering basic gun safety, opperation, defense, and many more actionable steps for family protection.

About Range Project International

Range Project Group International is a sof family owned and operated company.

We are ultra-user friendly and committed to providing real world services and solutions at home and abroad, welcoming both civilians, businesses, and the mil/LEO/Gov community.

Our vision

Increase Security Measures

Brendan, let’s get some deeper info on what organizations should be doing to create better measures for inside threats and outside threats. First, let’s define what an inside threat is vs an outside threat for those (like me) who have no clue!


This is where I’d like us to make it known that the training services apply to all skill levels going into further detail about what training sessions look like, feel like, and outcomes.


What tests do you run on equipment? How long do equipment tests take?

High Profile Traveling

Where and when are you travelling? Are you up to date with current foreign relations within the countries you’ll be visiting? Do you need a trusted guide or advisor?

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